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September 1998

(9/1) Acts 4:12
Salvation is a one way street. It runs from Jesus to the sinner. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, there is no other way to the Father but thru Christ. “For by grace are ye saved.” Salvation comes by trusting in Jesus to save you. Bless the name of the Lord.

(9/2) Acts 13:47
God gives us a new heart when we are saved. We become new creatures in Christ. Covenant blood courses through our bodies. We have a relationship to shout about. Tell everyone what the Lord has done for you.

(9/3) Romans 1:16
Secular society says you can’t know the way. God says that He is the way. Salvation is for everyone. When you go to Jesus with your problems, He answers you. Jesus wants you to tell the world what He has done for you. Bless the name of the Lord.

(9/4) Romans 13:11
Everybody dies. Your date with judgement will be sooner than you think. You’ve been saved. You know somebody that isn’t saved. You must tell them what the Lord has done for you. You don’t have much time. Do it now. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

(9/5-6) 2 Corinthians 1:6
The Lord’s children encourage each other. We do for our brothers and sisters in Christ what was done for us. When we live what we have been taught, those we care for are taught what we have learned. When it comes to developing a Christian lifestyle, actions are the books we study.

(9/7) 2 Corinthians 6:2
God was listening to you. Before you knew Him, when you were dead in your trespasses and sin, He was listening to your heart. You were broken and cried out, Lord save me. He heard you. He, the Lord, saved you. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

(9/8) 2 Corinthians 7:10
We will never have Jesus until Jesus is all we have. Surrender comes when we have exhausted all other options. We never deserve Christ. He is looking for us every day. Searching for the lost to bring them into the Kingdom. Are you pained by the way your life is going? Have you asked Jesus into your heart?

(9/9) Ephesians 1:13
Aren’t you glad that God seals you with the Holy Spirit? Satan, that old accuser, is always pointing out our sin. The Spirit compels us to confess our sin. Confession is agreeing with God, our sin is sin. The Lord forgives us. The Holy Spirit enables us to declare, Satan, the Lord rebuke you. I belong to Christ.

(9/10) Philippians 1:19
Our weaknesses and trials disappoint us. Those weaknesses and trails are the very things that God can use. When others pray for us we are strengthened and encouraged. That very idea should compel us to remember to pray for our friends, leaders and folks in need. Pray for me. God loves you.

(9/11) 1 Thessalonians 5:8
God loves you. You are saved by God’s grace. Wonderful grace that is far greater than anything you can think or imagine. Romans 8:38 declares that nothing can separate us from God’s love. Don’t be frightened or lose your confidence. God is on your side. God loves you. Jesus is Lord.

(9/12-13) 1 Thessalonians 5:9
Has someone told you that you are hopeless? That is a lie. God’s Word says that who so ever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Is there a need in your heart? God replaces hearts. Let Him replace your heart with a new heart. Let Jesus have control of your life. Surrender your self-directed way to God’s way. Confess to the Lord that you know you are a sinner. Ask Him to forgive you. Ask Him to come into your heart and save you. Thank the Lord for your salvation. God’s plan for your life is good. His plan begins with your salvation. Do it now. Jesus is Lord. He loves you!

(9/14) Hebrews 2:3
First hand accounts. Those that touched Him tell us: We are loved and blessed. God is concerned and involved. We are not alone. We can go into the Lord’s throne room. What a great salvation we have. We have victory in Jesus. Don’t forget you are accountable for this great privilege. Do the right thing.

(9/15) Hebrews 9:28
Christ died for us so that we would not have to die spiritually. He paved the way so that we might have a relationship with the Father. Whosoever may come. One day, in a second the heavens will be split asunder and the Lord of Glory will appear. In that moment judgement will have arrived. Those in Christ will go to be with him. The ones outside will be left behind, eternally. The Lord is good, all the time.

(9/16) 1 Peter 2:2
On my daily walk I came upon a 4-year old child who ran up to me in the street. My grandma’s coming he blurted out. I’m so excited. When you are going to God’s Word, be excited about what the Lord is going to say to you. Crave His instruction, intervention, presence and power. The Lord is good and worthy of our adoration. I’m so excited.

(9/17) Revelation 7:10
Adam’s response to the Lord’s questioning was that she made me do it. Sin blinds our eyes and stains our lives. Sin is everywhere. Sin is inescapable. Salvation from sin comes from Jesus Christ. He cleanses us from all our sin. Jesus is the only way that we can find cleansing from our sin.

(9/18) Revelation 12:10
Trust in Christ. All of the resources that we need for our life are in Him. We have not been shortchanged. We are not at the mercy of the Evil Accuser. We have the Lord. In Him we can live and move and breathe and indeed find the path of survival. Hope in the Lord. Our salvation is complete in Christ.

(9/19-20) Job 11:18
Christ is all. He is all I need. He is adequate for every problem that I face. He is there when I fail. He is available when I am weak. He is equipped to help me when I think I am strong. He is mine when I want to go my own way. Hope in the Lord. He is well able to deal with each one of our lives.

(9/21) Psalm 9:18
Do not despair. The Lord is on your side. You are beloved of God. He is concerned about your troubles this very moment. Do not let the cares and worries of this life condemn you. You are a child of the King. Walk with Him and he will carry you. He will deliver you! Blessed be the name of the Lord.

(9/22) Psalm 25:3
Worried about God’s work in your life? Wait patiently upon him. He will not be late. He has not forgotten your striving to know him. He will not overlook you faithfulness. At the right time in the right way the Lord will arrive. His eyes are on you. Stay the course.

(9/23) Psalm 25:5
Only the Lord can lead us. Only the Holy Spirit can teach us. The Lord knows who we are and all about us. He created us. Jesus saves us. Hope in the Lord. He is trustworthy and true. God loves you.

(9/24) Psalm 25:21
Two powerful forces protect us along life’s way. Integrity forces us to admit that we are sinners saved by grace. Honesty requires that we learn the Lord’s way, and strive to walk in it. Here I am Lord and I confess my sin seeking your forgiveness. I will take your lessons to heart and put them to work in my life. Integrity and honesty protect us along life’s way.

(9/25) Psalm 31:24
We feel it. We think about it. We pray for it. Your faith is the confident assurance that what you feel, think about and pray will happen. Christ’s resurrection from the dead is the Father’s action that validates your hope. Jesus is alive. Jesus is providing for you this very moment. Seated at the right hand of the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ is interceding for you even as you listen to this message. Bless the name of the Lord.

(9/26-27) Psalm 33:18
Our Lord is watching over you. Troubles will come. If the Lord tarries, death is sure. But your relationship with the Lord High God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords is sure. He will never let you slip out of the palm of His hand. You are under His watchful eye. Nothing will ever happen in your life that surprises the Lord. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

(9/28) Ecclesiastes 9:4
Salvation is a choice. I must make that choice myself. No one else can choose for me. The Lord is good and gracious, seeking that we might be saved. It doesn’t matter your station in life. Good looks, great luck or wealth do not make a difference in that day of judgment. When we die, we can no longer choose. Choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior today. Do it now.

(9/29) Isaiah 40:31
God has all of the power and resources that you need. He is never too busy to listen to you. He is never weakened. He is always available to intervene and help. The Lord’s strength is the source of our strength. Are you weak and heavy laden? Stop right now and ask the Lord to help you. Call upon the Lord and He will hear your plea.

(9/30) Psalm 33:20
There are many good ideas and great people. Having a good idea or being a great person doesn’t save you. One writer friend of mine noted that Ghandi was the most righteous man in hell. Only Jesus can save you. And in that day, the day of judgement, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord. Make Jesus Lord of your life today. Don’t wait. Do it now.

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Clay Corvin is currently a Bible Teacher and occasional preacher at Bethel Community Baptist Church in New Orleans. He is the retired VP Business and Professor of Admin at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary after completing 38 years as their Business Administrator. He was the pastor at the Brantley Baptist Center for twenty-five years. He is married to Carol Corvin and the father of three children and has three grandchildren. He ministers today as Co-pastor of the Bethel Community Baptist Church and seeks to share the Gospel with everyone. Jesus is Lord!