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9/12 Psalm 120:1
A song for the ascent to Jerusalem. I took my troubles to the LORD; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayer. 2 Rescue me, O LORD, from liars and from all deceitful people. 3 O deceptive tongue, what will God do to you? How will he increase your punishment? 4 You will be pierced with sharp arrows and burned with glowing coals. 5 How I suffer among these scoundrels of Meshech! It pains me to live with these people from Kedar! 6 I am tired of living here among people who hate peace. 7 As for me, I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war!
We all were once liars. We lied about important stuff and unimportant stuff because it was our nature. Now in Christ we have a new heart and a new life. Ask Jesus to help you deal with reality and stop lying especially to yourself. Jesus brings real truth to our life. Serve Him and Him alone.

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Clay Corvin

Clay Corvin is Co-Pastor at Bethel Community Baptist Church. He is the VP Business and Professor of Admin at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He was the pastor at the Brantley Baptist Center for twenty-five years. He is married to Carol Corvin and the father of three children and has three grandchildren.