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June 2009

06/01          Mark 1:1
Here begins the Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God.

Jesus is the Good News from God.  He lived a perfect life.  He willingly died for us to pay the price for our sin.  He chose us even when we were dead in our trespasses and sin.  We didn’t come looking for Him, He was looking for us.  The really Good News is that God came for us.


06/02          Mark 1:2-3
In the book of the prophet Isaiah, God said, “Look, I am sending my messenger before you, and he will prepare your way.    He is a voice shouting in the wilderness: ‘Prepare a pathway for the Lord’s coming! Make a straight road for him!’

John the Baptist fulfilled this role.  He came declaring that Messiah was coming.  You and I are charged with the responsibility to tell everyone that the Messiah has come.  We tell it with our lives and our oral testimony.  Be busy about the Lord’s work, Jesus is coming soon and then He will come in judgment.


06/03          Mark 1:4
This messenger was John the Baptist. He lived in the wilderness and was preaching that people should be baptized to show that they had turned from their sins and turned to God to be forgiven.

The Lord calls us to obedience.  Once we start to be obedient everything else falls in place.  Too many want everything to fall in place and then they will obey.  The Lord tells us to trust and obey Him.


06/04          Mark 1:5
People from Jerusalem and from all over Judea traveled out into the wilderness to see and hear John. And when they confessed their sins, he baptized them in the Jordan River.

When we confess our sin Jesus forgives us.  The problem is that sometimes our confession is not so that we can change and do right, it is simply a passing act of religious fervor that leads on to doing things the way we have already done them.  Jesus calls us to a life of obedience to Him.  Confession includes our changing to become more like Jesus.


06/05          Mark 1:6-8
His clothes were woven from camel hair, and he wore a leather belt; his food was locusts and wild honey.  He announced: “Someone is coming soon who is far greater than I am – so much greater that I am not even worthy to be his slave.    I baptize you with   water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit!”

Jesus came so that we might have a relationship with the Father.  The Holy Spirit indwells us and will guide us.  We cut our relationship with Jesus when we disobey Him.  Obedience is the required path for us to walk when we are seeking a close relationship with Jesus.  Obedience takes discipline.  Listen to the Lord and do what He says.


06/06          Mark 1:9-10
One day Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee, and he was baptized by John in the Jordan River.  And when Jesus came up out of the water, he saw the heavens split open and the Holy Spirit descending like a dove on him.

Jesus was the Son of God.  He lived and walked on this earth in ancient Israel about 2,000 years ago.  Everyone saw this happening.  Let this Word from God encourage your faith.  Jesus really came to save us from our sin.


06/07          Mark 1:11
And a voice came from heaven saying, “You are my beloved Son, and I am fully pleased with you.”

Jesus was obedient to the Father.  He always did what His Father said.  This is an important lesson for us.  Jesus was fully man and fully God and it took Him a lot of time to keep in close relationship with the Father.  Spend time with Jesus every day.


06/08          Mark 1:12
Immediately the Holy Spirit compelled Jesus to go into the wilderness.  He was there for forty days, being tempted by Satan. He was out among the wild animals, and angels took care of him.

Jesus had a tough time but He dealt with all of the issues in His life by maintaining that close relationship with the Father.  Can we do any less?  If the Son of God had to spend a lot of time in prayer and fellowship with the Father how much greater is my need.  Discipline yourself unto obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.


06/09          Mark 1:14
Later on, after John was arrested by Herod Antipas, Jesus went to Galilee to preach God’s Good News.

The Lord has come.  This is Good News.  We are not alone.  Our life has meaning.  The Lord has made each one of us a part of His plan.  His plan is that all might be saved to a relationship with Him.  People count with God.  Without God man is dead in his trespasses and sin.


06/10          Mark 1:15
“At last the time has come!” he announced. “The Kingdom of God is near! Turn from your sins and believe this Good News!”

The call for each one of us is to turn from our sins and believe in the Good News of Jesus.  No one is exempt from this requirement of repentance.  If a person has not repented of their sin and believed in Jesus they have not made a profession of faith.  The Good News is that we can choose to be in the family of God.


06/11          Mark 1:16-18
One day as Jesus was walking along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother, Andrew, fishing with a net, for they were commercial fishermen.  Jesus called out to them, “Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!”  And they left their nets at once and went with him.

Jesus calls us to come to Himself.  Each one of us and anyone of us can make this decision to follow Jesus.  He is calling all of us.  Listen, He is saying your name.  “Come,” Jesus says.


06/12          Mark 1:19-20
A little farther up the shore Jesus saw Zebedee’s sons, James and John, in a boat mending their nets.  He called them, too, and immediately they left their father, Zebedee, in the boat with the hired men and went with him.

Following Jesus is a clear choice.  We change from what we were to a follower of Jesus.  Those that follow Him will become more like Him day by day.  God is love.  He loves people.  Jesus died for people.  His most recognizable trait is His love.  Can we say that about ourselves?


06/13          Mark 1:21
Jesus and his companions went to the town of Capernaum, and every Sabbath day he went into the synagogue and taught the people.

Jesus will teach us about Himself.  He will guide us into what we need to read, say and do.  His love will call us to prayer.  When we love Jesus we will love those we are with.  Life is always to be lived where we are and never where we aren’t.


06/14          Mark 1:22
They were amazed at his teaching, for he taught as one who had real authority – quite unlike the teachers of religious law.

Jesus said that He and the Father were one.  When we see Jesus we have seen the Father.  Jesus is our teacher.  He is our role model.  The more we learn about Jesus the more we know how to live our life.  The more of what we learn about Jesus that we put into practice the more we will become like Christ.


06/15          Mark 1:23-24
A man possessed by an evil spirit was in the synagogue, and he began shouting, “Why are you bothering us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are – the Holy One sent from God!”

Jesus is Lord.  He is Lord over all things.  When He is Lord of our life He will teach us the way in which we should go.


06/16          Mark 1:25-26
Jesus cut him short. “Be silent! Come out of the man.”  At that, the evil spirit screamed and threw the man into a convulsion, but then he left him.

Jesus has authority over all things.  When we surrender our life to Him He will exercise authority in our life teaching us how we should live and guiding us in the right way we should go.


06/17          Mark 1:27-28
Amazement gripped the audience, and they began to discuss what had happened. “What sort of new teaching is this?” they asked excitedly. “It has such authority! Even evil spirits obey his orders!”  The news of what he had done spread quickly through that entire area of Galilee.

Jesus knows all about us.  He is able to deal with any issue in our life.  Jesus will walk with us everyday of our life.  He will teach us to accomplish the plan He has for our life.  He will sustain us.  He will never leave us.


06/18          Mark 1:29-31
After Jesus and his disciples left the synagogue, they went over to Simon and Andrew’s home, and James and John were with them.  Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever. They told Jesus about her right away.  He went to her bedside, and as he took her by the hand and helped her to sit up, the fever suddenly left, and she got up and prepared a meal for them.

Jesus will meet our every need.  He will not fail us.  His only requirement is our belief.  This is not our believing that we will be successful for indeed we may not be successful in the eyes of the world.  Our belief is in His love and His call.  He will not forsake us and nothing can ever separate us from Him.


06/19          Mark 1:32-33
That evening at sunset, many sick and demon-possessed people were brought to Jesus.  And a huge crowd of people from all over Capernaum gathered outside the door to watch.

The world is only interested in things that are passing away, those things that fulfill personal wants and aspirations.  Jesus is interested in the things that will outfit us for eternity.  The things we need to live before the Father from this moment until forever.  Christ equips us to move from this life into the next without any difficulties.  The Lord is with us and overcomes every obstacle to life.


06/20          Mark 1:34
So Jesus healed great numbers of sick people who had many different kinds of diseases, and he ordered many demons to come out of their victims. But because they knew who he was, he refused to allow the demons to speak.

Evil is well acquainted with who Jesus is.  Evil is seeking to devour us.  Evil wants us to go our own way, do it our self, so that it can control us.  We have no power in the face of evil.  We cannot over come evil.  Only Jesus can.  He is Lord and He has already faced evil and won the battle for our life on Calvary.  All we have to do is accept the offer of Jesus-eternal life.


06/21          Mark 1:35
The next morning Jesus awoke long before daybreak and went out alone into the wilderness to pray.

Jesus was Lord but He had to spend a great deal of time in prayer.  His prayer time kept Him in constant touch with the Father.  Prayer enabled Christ to keep His focus and strength to deal with the world.  Jesus was equipped by the Holy Spirit and beloved by the Father.


06/22          Mark 1:36-37
Later Simon and the others went out to find him.  They said, “Everyone is asking for you.”

People will generally seek to have their needs met first.  People will look for anyone they think can meet their needs.  Jesus knew what each person was looking for and knew that surrender wasn’t one of those things.  We can only come to Jesus in surrender.  Jesus is Lord.


06/23          Mark 1:38
But he replied, “We must go on to other towns as well, and I will preach to them, too, because that is why I came.”

The Gospel message is for each one of us.  Jesus has come that we might have life and that life is in Him.  We will no longer be alone Jesus will be with us.  The world is searching for things that are passing away.  Jesus gives us life and that more abundantly.  We are cleansed from our sins and made whole.  Jesus brings us into the family of God and gives us the ability to have a relationship with the Father.


06/24          Mark 1:39
So he traveled throughout the region of Galilee, preaching in the synagogues and expelling demons from many people.

Jesus expels evil.  Evil cannot survive when Christ is around.  Very simple, we need the Lord and when we are in Christ we are free from any other control. We are able to become more like Jesus because He is with us showing us the way.


06/25          Mark 1:40
A man with leprosy came and knelt in front of Jesus, begging to be healed. “If you want to, you can make me well again,” he said.

Jesus brings spiritual health to us.  We are no longer dead in our sin.  We are alive in Christ.  Christ will take us by the hand and lead us in the way we should go.  He will give us what we need.  His will is that we honor and glorify the Father just as He, Jesus, does.


06/26          Mark 1:41
Moved with pity,   Jesus touched him. “I want to,” he said. “Be healed!”

The response by Jesus to a person that needs help is never decided by the position of the person.  This man wasn’t prayed up.  This man did not know Jesus and he wasn’t coming for any other reason than that he wanted to be healed.  Jesus healed the man because the man asked Him for healing.  What do you need?  Jesus is not going to wait until you have done enough or put yourself in a favored position.  Jesus loves you and He will meet your need at the point of your need.


06/27          Mark 1:42-44
Instantly the leprosy disappeared – the man was healed.  Then Jesus sent him on his way and told him sternly, “Go right over to the priest and let him examine you. Don’t talk to anyone along the way. Take along the offering required in the Law of Moses for those who have been healed of leprosy, so everyone will have proof of your healing.”

Jesus was showing His deep compassion for the needy.  He also will show us the same kind of compassion as we come to Him with our needs.  The Lord will talk with you and He will let you know what He will do.  Spend time with Him and get to know Him.  Let His presence change you.  We need changing.  We need leading.  Bend your knee to Him.


06/28          Mark 1:45
But as the man went on his way, he spread the news, telling everyone what had happened to him. As a result, such crowds soon surrounded Jesus that he couldn’t enter a town anywhere publicly. He had to stay out in the secluded places, and people from everywhere came to him there.

People are hurting.  These folk didn’t know who Jesus was but they knew they needed help.  They were desperately seeking a solution to their plight.  The tragedy in this world is that when folks discover that they can’t manipulate Jesus to do their bidding they often walk away.  Jesus is Lord not a genie or butler.  It is He who created us and we need to be faithful in our relationship with Him.  If we aren’t it will harm us and the only one fooled will be us.


06/29          Psalm 75:1-5
We thank you, O God! We give thanks because you are near. People everywhere tell of your mighty miracles.  God says, “At the time I have planned, I will bring justice against the wicked.  When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the one who keeps its foundations firm.  “I warned the proud, ‘Stop your boasting!’ I told the wicked, ‘Don’t raise your fists!  Don’t lift your fists in defiance at the heavens or speak with rebellious arrogance.'”

Gratitude is the attitude for a follower of Jesus.  We are grateful for our daily bread.  We thank the Lord for His rich blessings and His wonderful presence.  We need the Lord.  Surrender you heart to Him and let Jesus come into your life to give you the direction that you need.  Jesus is a friend who will never leave you.


06/30          Psalm 75:6-10
For no one on earth – from east or west, or even from the wilderness – can raise another person up.  It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall.  For the LORD holds a cup in his hand; it is full of foaming wine mixed with spices. He pours the wine out in judgment, and all the wicked must drink it, draining it to the dregs.  But as for me, I will always proclaim what God has done; I will sing praises to the God of Israel.  For God says, “I will cut off the strength of the wicked, but I will increase the power of the godly.”

Jesus is God’s everything.  Christ makes us whole, cleansing us of our sin.  Jesus gives us His right standing so that we can have a relationship with the Father.  Praise God from whom all blessings come.  Thank you Lord.

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