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April 1999

4/1/99 Matthew 20:17-20
The cross was not a mistake. God was not surprised. He is always in control. Jesus provided the solution for our sin problem. The power of God is available for you to face the forces of darkness.

4/2/99 Matthew 26:39
Jesus took my sin upon himself to save me from suffering and separation. In Jesus we have access to the Father. What are you struggling with? Jesus will help you to face the results of sin in your life. Hope in the Lord. He will light up the darkness.

4/3/99 Matthew 27:50-54
Everyone in Jerusalem knew that Jesus was hung on the cross. They saw the miracles. Pagans were astonished at the activity of God. Some believed. Many chose not to believe. It always comes down to individual choice. Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God? Do you believe that Jesus can forgive your sin and provide for you an eternal relationship with the Father? Eternal life is your choice.

4/4/99 Matthew 28: 5-6
Fear not is what the angels told the shepherds at the birth of Jesus. Now, we find an angel telling us again not to fear. When we come into a relationship with Jesus we can conquer fear. The victory is won by our faith in the victor. Jesus Christ conquered the grave. He provided forgiveness for our sin. He offers us the solutions we need to our daily lives. Don’t be afraid, the Lord is in control.

4/5/99 Philippians 3:9-11
One day I will share Christ’s glory. On that day I will no longer be under persecution by the flesh. Fear, failure or faithlessness will not be an obstacle ever again. I will stand before the Lord God almighty and declare that I am His child because I had faith in Jesus Christ. Christ, my elder brother, the King of Glory, will stand beside me as I face the Father. God by His absolute power will bring me into His kingdom for eternity.

4/6/99 1 Corinthians 15: 22-23
Death is a reality we avoid talking about. Those that are lost have no hope. Those that are saved have a hope in Jesus. No one will escape death. The children of God have a hope that at death the Lord will be waiting to take them into the next life. Simple, truthful and trustworthy is our God and He says that we have eternal life in Jesus.

4/7/99 1 Corinthians 15:24-26
Christ came to defeat all evil on earth. His resurrection from the dead was God’s conquering power displayed before an unbelieving world. Jesus is alive. He is waiting on the trumpet sound for a triumphal return when all things will be made right. Evil will be banished and Satan will be removed. Until then our faith will take us from this day until the day of Christ’s return. Our hope will make that day of return real in our hearts. We will live like He is on the way today.

4/8/99 1 Corinthians 15:42-43
When Jesus comes back we will be like Him. Each one of us will be perfect. Arthritis, bunions, bad knees, cancer, tumors and ever-other imperfect thing will be done away with. We will not be disappointed. When we are with Jesus we will be like we dreamed in our heart of hearts that we should be. We will love and care for others. We will think good thoughts. Wisdom will be our caretaker. We will never experience heartache again.

4/9/9 1 Corinthians 15:55-57
We have hope in Jesus. One day we will die. Whatever way we face death, Jesus will be there with us. In the split second that leave this life Jesus will be there to meet us. He will not leave us alone. He has already won the victory. His presence will be a victory celebration because in that moment we will see Him as He is. Lord of all.

4/10/99 Romans 6: 7-10
You are free from death’s power. Any power that evil could exercise over you has been destroyed by Christ. When Jesus comes in, our lives are changed. We are new creatures in Christ. We are set free from the bondage of sin. Victory is our theme and song. Life is different. Christ is our elder brother. Holy, loving Lord, we praise you for what you have done and do in our lives. Bless the name of the Lord.

4/11/99 Romans 8:1-2
Today you can have victory. Sin is a stain on our lives that Jesus has removed. The pull of sin, the agony of evil habits is simply a ghost reflex. Our memories remind us of how weak we are. Our hope is in Christ. He is the one with power. He has approved each one of us, God’s children, to receive that conquering power. Stand up and rebuke sin. Walk away from it. Every step you take you will find more strength to take the next. Sin is dead. You are alive in Christ.

4/12/99 1 Corinthians 3:11-13
Jesus loves the little children. He cares for the poor and weak. He is concerned for the sick and dying. He would that no one be lost. If I am going to build on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, I must be about His work. People count. Everything else is passing away.

4/13/99 1 Corinthians 3: 14-15
Our faith and work are personal. We develop our faith in our hearts. We do our work together with the Lord. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others. Talk with the Lord. He will carefully teach you what you need to accomplish the task He has given you. He will not evaluate you in comparison with me. He knows what you can do and your evaluation will be based on what you could have done. Do everything unto the Lord. He is with you right now. He is a good and loving God. That’s why He made you.

4/14/99 2 Corinthians 5:9-10
Some Christians have been overcome by the hustle and bustle of life. They have lost their focus. They are hurting on the inside and hating on the outside. Next time you run across a brother or sister in Christ that is rude, crude and unkind you can be sure that hate on the outside is simply a cover for hurt on the inside. When you are hurting and misbehaving, go and kneel before the Lord. This will please Him and heal you.

4/15/99 2 Corinthians 4:8-10
The normal Christian life is hard and full of trouble. The world will seek to force us into its mold. Spend time with the Father. He will break the mold, heal the trouble and grow your faith. Take everything to the Lord. Trust in Him in all things. Keep your devotional diary and review it often. The Lord is good. All the time.

4/16/99 2 Corinthians 4:17-18
Never fear when you are down and out. God has not forgotten you. Hurting hearts deceive our eyes and make us think our worth is little. God has not forgotten you. Jesus died on the Cross-for you. God raised Him from the dead so that you would know that Jesus was alive and had conquered death for you. You are a winner. Do not let the world fool you. Rejoice and be glad as you face today. God loves you and your victory is sure.

4/17/99 Philippians 3:20-21
Life is short and God’s work is important. We can put everything we have into God’s work. Whatever is left when we die will be left here. When we go to be with the Lord we will be made new and perfect like Jesus. God is looking for you. Have you reported in? Do not wait another minute. The Lord is ready to use you right now.

4/18/99 1 John 3:2
The thought of seeing Jesus reminds me of all those around me that are dead in their trespasses and sins. I want to have everyone I know there with me in heaven. My dad will not be there with me. I never could connect with him. Maybe you could have. Whose dad or mom can you share Christ with? Do it today, please.

4/19 1 Corinthians 9:24-25
Tell everyone you know about Jesus. Tell them about the pain that you felt when you were lost. Tell them about the deep hurt that controlled your life when you were all alone and without Jesus. Tell them how Jesus changed your life from misdirected to purposeful. Tell them about the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and how the Lord speaks to you when you feel alone and confused. Is this your testimony? Is Jesus real to you? If He isn’t ask Christ to forgive you of your sin and come into your heart and save you.

4/20/99 2 Timothy 4:8
How are you living? Are eternal things first in your life? Remember that only at the feet of Jesus can you get your GPS coordinates set for each day. It takes time with the Lord to act like Jesus. When I am crusty and difficult, I know immediately that I need to return to my prayer closet. Pray for me that I will become more like Jesus. I am praying for you every day. God loves you and so do I.

4/21/99 1 Peter 5:2-4
A shepherd is not concerned with what the sheep can do for him. He is busy protecting them from evil. He is busy binding up their cuts and scrapes. When you are assigned shepherd responsibilities, and all Christians have some, your number one duty is to make sure you can care for the flock. You can only do this when you under the control of Jesus. Read God’s Word, spend time in prayer and then stay focused on what the Lord has called you to do.

4/22/99 Hebrews 6:10
Satan uses our limited knowledge to suggest that God is unfair. It seems like it sometimes. We work hard and are forgotten. We struggle and fail. But God is never unjust. He never forgets or overlooks our hard work for him. We can be sure of His love and watch care over us. He loves each one of us.

4/23/99 Matthew 6:1
Appearance or compassion is the question. Are you doing what you do for the Lord because you love God or because you want to be loved? There is a difference. All that we do should be done for Jesus. One day we will place at the feet of the Living Lord all that we have done for Him. The value of our work will not be based on the quantity of the work but on the quality of our heart. Love God, and love one another.

4/24/99 Matthew 6:3-4
We give as a response to the gift of life. I was dead in my trespasses and sin and Christ died for me. He knew my sin and died for me. He knew my weakness and failures and died for me. Now, He asks me to help someone just like me. They have a need and I can meet it. His request to me is to give. Not give and be recognized, simply give.

4/25/99 1 Corinthians 9:22-23
If you will listen, folks will tell you about themselves. When they do, search for the common ground. If you will listen, folks will tell you why they are important. Forget one-ups-man-ship and recognize their importance. Encourage them and accept them. When you do this with a sincere heart they will give you a chance to tell them about Jesus. Everyone needs the Lord.

4/26/99 Psalm 37:16-17
I had a hard time with this verse for many years. We gave up money and opted for service. Difficulties came that made money look like the solution. We tremblingly turned to the Lord and cried our Lord we believe, help our unbelief. He did. Money never solves any problem.

4/27/99 Psalm 40:17
Whoa! This is a great memory verse. God is thinking about you right now. God is thinking about me right now. Praise the name of the Lord. I’m going to stop for a moment and think about Jesus.

4/28/99 Psalm 41:1
Talk about a “When I’m in trouble plan.” My generosity is the funnel through which the Lord blesses me. What I give I will get. The method of my generosity will be the method of my rescue.

4/29/99 Psalm 51: 16-17
Repentance isn’t only saying I’m sorry. When I am repentant, I will change. I will stop doing what I was doing and do what God says. It is a change of my heart and my actions. God wants me to become like Jesus that means I must become less like me.

4/30/99 Psalm 62:1-2
When I am in despair, the Lord is the anchor for my soul. This confidence in the Lord is always there in times of trouble. It comes in gently as I struggle to survive. My firm resolution grows in adversity. Only in my hour of need or testing does the anchor set and hold me fast to my faith. Jesus is Lord and there is no other.

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